Time to Go

I was brought to tears this afternoon (even amid giggling) by my children dancing to their favorite song in their favorite movie, smacking their heads with the lid to a cookie tin and pouring out all of the water from… Read More ›


Men have a lot more fun at Middle Eastern weddings. When your kitchen hits upwards of 120 degrees Fahrenheit there’s no need to put tortillas in the oven to keep warm. On the flip side it’s hard to keep bananas… Read More ›

What a Freaking Week!

It’s interesting, those reactions we have to events around us that we don’t even know we have until we look back and examine our actions and attitudes and how they were really affected by the things going on around us…. Read More ›

Reality Check

Just before the kids and I left for Lebanon in June I would tell people that we were moving overseas; I told the people who bought our possessions, the cable company, shopkeepers where I bought provisions. Everyone asked where we… Read More ›