Kuala Lumpur

Ok, Mom, You Win

Recently my mother made a comment to me while we were chatting via Skype, our weekly ‘no need to worry, we’re fine’ call. I was complaining about something or other, some little thing that was annoying me that day and… Read More ›

Uninvited Visitor

I suppose I didn’t know just how much stress was getting to me until tonight I was standing on top of my entertainment center, sobbing, beating my air conditioning unit with a broom because a damn lizard crawled in and… Read More ›

You Uncultured Fool

The Batu caves were a shock today. We had a little West-Meets-East experience and sadly it somewhat tainted our first sightseeing endeavor in Kuala Lumpur. The cloying stench of trash and bodies and incense. The steps caked with abandoned fruit,… Read More ›

Don’t Get Mad…

So, here’s the deal when you become a trailing spouse…you’re going to be treated differently than your penis-wielding counterpart. Sometimes it will be to your benefit, there will be a sense of reverence or protection that you will feel emanating… Read More ›