And Back Again

By now many of those of you reading this blog know that my husband and I have made the decision to return home for 6-12 months. We will be leaving Tokyo the beginning of October. While Hubby’s work still requires that he travel, we have decided that the best thing for the family is for the kids and I to set up home more permanently in Colorado.

There are so many thoughts emotions coursing their way through me right now, elation and excitement, concerns and fear, anxiety, relief…I feel like I want to throw them down on the page right now but we have all of September still in Japan and I feel if I was to write everything out I would feel like I was saying goodbye. I’m not ready to say goodbye yet. I’m not ready for a lot of what I’m feeling right now and admittedly that’s why I haven’t been writing much recently.

For now it’s business as usual. We’ve got Disney Japan and LOTS more of Tokyo to see (even a Sumo tournament in mid-September). We’ve got potty training to tackle. We’ve got groceries and daycare and all those normal day-to-day things to keep us busy. I’ve got informative blogs to write: Navigating the Tokyo Metro, Japanese ‘Rules’, Bathing Like the Japanese…lots of good things.

I’ll write more on how we’re dealing with our decisions and the move home soon enough, for now I’m going to try to keep busy because we still have over a month before the move which, as we’ve seen over the past year, is AMPLE. 😉

Thanks again, everyone, for your love and support!


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