Home Sweet Home (And Salty and Greasy Too)

Admittedly, Kraft American Processed Cheese Product was not our finest moment in world cuisine but when I found it in the store the other day wedged amongst the Camembert, Bleu Brie and Cave Aged Emmental that beautiful blue box of ‘cheesy’ goodness just had to come home with me. Do I regret lugging that log home, carving up that beautiful- slightly gelatinous- mass, melting and gently coaxing the cubes into a cheddar sauce and indulging in family nacho night? Nope, and I’d do it again (in fact, I still have half of that sauce frozen for future cravings).

Finding that cheese got me thinking, American food may not be celebrated in the global foodie community but there are some darn fine eats coming out of the ole US-of-A:

Hotdogs at the ballpark, loaded with ketchup, mustard, relish, onions, (nitrates), peppers, celery seed, cheese sauce. The taste of that mystery meat on a bun amplified by the sun and the grass, cold beer condensing in plastic cups, the crack of a ball on a bat echoing through the stands. Hotdogs and baseball, ecstasy.

Funnel cakes and cotton candy sticky sweet, coating both tongues and fingers. Reminiscent of carnival rides and games you can’t win, rodeos, demolition derby, tractor pulls, fireworks and watermelon to ward off the sugar crash.

Taco Bell.

BBQ ribs. Soaked in beer, dry rubbed, smoked slowly as friends play yard games, squirt guns, BBQ sauce laced with brown sugar. Wet wipes, kiddie pools, lawn chairs, coolers.

Pumpkin pie with whipped cream when you’re already too full to take another bite. Cranberry sauce, no not the kind with cranberries, the kind you slide out of a can and slice. The kind you look forward to on sandwiches with leftover turkey when you’re finally hungry again.

Now, I’m not advocating the consumption of any of these things on a regular basis (because you could die) but when you have lived abroad for over a year you start to dream of the taste of home.

Home Sweet Home


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  1. I love how there is zero explanation for Taco Bell. Classic.

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