Oh, to Be Bored

I had a nightmare last night. Tom and I were picnicking along a road in Beirut when a small plane sputtered to a crash next to us. I was perplexed and asked a passerby what was happening and was told that Lebanon was under attack. The rest of the dream was disjointed and strange (as most of my dreams are) but the jist was that Tom and I were trying to evacuate Lebanon amid a storm of missiles and other nefarious obstacles. (as a side note, the kids were apparently already safe in the U.S. with my parents which is why Tom and I were able to have the afternoon to ourselves to begin with.)

As I awoke from this dream to the sounds of my son giggling and playing with my toes at the foot of the bed, I opened my eyes to the most brilliant sunrise over the Medeterranean Sea. It was beautiful, the one tree in the small field behind us where they migrate sheep to and from grazing ground each day was backlit by the red-orange globe of the sun and sparkling sea. Wow, what a different and wonderful world we have stepped into.

Last night was the first time that I have dreamt of Lebanon. I find that interesting because of the amount of stress we were under on a daily basis with our transition not only into another place and culture but also into being a complete family for the first time in a couple years. I not only had to learn to be a mother of twins in new surroundings, I also had to learn how to be a wife and partner again. All of this was our struggle and it is evident now, upon our departure, that I went into hiding; into survival mode. Perhaps my brain allowed me to NOT dream about Lebanon while I was there because I needed the escape of my dreams to make the transition tolerable.

Ok, so, dreams aside what everyone wants to hear about is CYPRUS!!

We’re living in a 2 story, 3 bedroom villa just on the outskirts of a small town called Pervolia. We have a private pool in the backyard maintained by a couple of local gentlmen twice a week. We live in a rural area and are surrounded by farms and occasionally livestock (sheep). To the East is the Medeterranean Sea and to the west are the Wind farms and mountains.

The towns nearby (Pervolia included) consist of a couple of shops or conveniences, usually a small family restaurant or snack bar, a church and a school. Pervolia is a little larger and has a daycare, several playgrounds and a grocer.

The roads in town are cobblestone and old men sit around in front of the cafes drinking coffee in the morning and ouzo in the afternoon talking and laughing.

Tom likes to call Cyprus ‘England Lite’ because this is a major British holiday spot so it’s very likely that many of the people we meet speak English with a British accent, the restaurants serve meat pies and a full English breakfast, it’s not hard to find bacon and beer is plentiful.

The sun shines HOT but the wind blows in the afternoon and there is a cool breeze by dinner time. It’s everything the doctor could have ordered.

Before we left Lebanon, a collegue of Tom’s told us that we’d be bored out of our minds on Cyprus. He told us there’s nothing but quiet and the ocean.

Please, yes. That’s what we wanted, that’s what we got. I’ve gotten the kids loaded up into the stroller each morning for a stroll along a dirt road that skirts the coastline and our friend was right, I have heard nothing but the breeze in the grasses and the waves licking the coast.

I’m working up to swimming in the ocean, I went in last night and the temperature was perfect but I’m still a big baby about fish so I need a little time to work on getting deeper than my waist.

We couldn’t be happier right now, Tom is working in a spare bedroom upstairs, the twins are napping peacefully after a full morning and I’m sipping my tea next to the pool.

Comfortable, slightly sunburnt, happy.


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